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The journey of AssuredState :

40 years of collective experience of the founders, Assured State Management Services came into existence. However, Assured state™ finds its existence from time immemorial paving way to determined success and significant achievements throughout the human history, in walks of life.

The question is what determines success and significance?

Is it primarily the skill or proficiency one possesses which determines success and significance?

If so, how come all those who are highly proficient or knowledgeable in their field, have not always been successful or achieved something significance.

What makes a Steve Jobs or a J R D Tata who with lesser qualification than those whom they led were highly respected and revered both within their organization and people all over the world?

Time and again it is proven, it is not because one has the proficiency, skill or knowledge but because they had a state of mind which made them to be composed, confident and certain (decisive) in challenging and confusing situations

This state of mind that is composed, confident and being certain ( decisive ) in challenging and confusing situations is Assured State.