About Us

The Journey of Assured State :

40 years of collective experience of the founders, Assured State Management Services came into existence. However, Assured state™ finds its existence from time immemorial paving way to determined success and significant achievements throughout the human history, in walks of life.

The question is what determines success and significance?

Is it primarily the skill or proficiency one possesses which determines success and significance?

If so, how come all those who are highly proficient or knowledgeable in their field, have not always been successful or achieved something significant.

Time and again it is proven, it is not because one has the proficiency, skill or knowledge but because they had a state of mind which made them be composed, confident and certain (decisive) in challenging and confusing situations.

This state of mind that is composed, confident and being certain ( decisive ) in challenging and confusing situations is Assured State.


Our vision is to a preferred partner for organisations to achieve their business goals through people and strategy.


  1. Make ‘Work – a pleasure’ rather than pressure by enabling leaders and the rest of the workforce of organisations to shift from pressure, fear and worry to exploration, curiosity and challenge. Making work an exciting journey rather than one filled with anxiety.
  2. Derive alternatives in challenging situations for organisations that would give strategic advantages and move forward.
  3. Empower leaders of organisations to be in a resourceful state in the face of limited or when no resource exists.


Arjun Raj Urs

A Result coaching system( RCS ) certified coach which is affiliated to ICF- International Coaching Federation and Certified Axiometric Analyst (Psychometric Profiler), Arjun Raj Urs has been offering coaching services to organisations as Leadership Coach and People Architect. In the last 15 years, he has helped organisations build capabilities by developing human assets.

Uday Bhaskar

With over 13 years of experience, Uday started in the Accounting profession and completed his articles of Chartered Accountancy. Uday moved into Sports Management company and quickly established himself as a top quality Financial Controller. Uday has also worked with an e-commerce start-up company in sports retail providing them consulting services in finance and strategy. Uday has held senior management positions in all the companies he has worked at including a stint as Alternate Director to CFO at Frontiers Group (India) Private Limited. Uday has specialized in Project Management, Change Management, Financial Awareness and Business Consulting. Uday holds an MBA from Universities 21 Global (affiliated to University of Melbourne).


A.B.C Coaching Model

Achieving business goals through people, Building Leadership Pipeline and Creating Human Asset Model.

He is instrumental in designing an A.B.C Coaching Model which addresses the Key challenges of the present day organisations. The uniqueness of this model is that it is universal and yet can be customised to organisations. It addresses the challenges faced by organisations across the industry (Software, Manufacturing, Services, etc.,) immaterial of the size of an organisation (MNC, Large industry, SME).

He now takes up challenging assignments and coaches M.D. / C.E.O. / Business owners and their key team members to achieve business goals and operational excellence.

Key Contributions

  • Coached Finance Team managing Indian Operation of a $ 1.2 billion multi-national company for the year 2011 -12 to achieve business goal and operational excellence
  • In association with world renowned consulting firm, McKinsey & Co. developed a robust training module to train 10,000 people for Reliance Infocomm
  • As a Lead Trainer trained the Managers of Reliance Infocomm from all over India on Effectiveness, after the competency assessment by Mckinsey & Co
  • Interfaced between WIPRO and its premier channel partner in the implementation of People Capability Maturity Model (PCMM) staffing, performance management and compensation
  • He was involved with SLK Software Services Pvt Ltd., for 8 years continuously and was instrumental in building their leadership pipeline and creating human asset

As a Leadership Practitioner and Coach for several years, Arjun Raj Urs is of the firm view that among several traits required for a successful leader, the most important is to be in an “Assured State of Mind”. Whatever be the circumstances, a leader who operates from a state of mind which is assured, confident, secure and certain, is sure to have clarity of thought and purpose.  Such a mind fosters self-belief and conviction and helps the leader to think objectively, strategize and achieve the desired results. A leader in an assured state of mind, proactively responds rather than react to situations and is always in control of his actions and outcomes.

With the growing complexities of business, it is becoming extremely important for a leader to operate from an Assured State of mind since the mind power is the greatest asset which a human being can utilise by unleashing the hidden potential. One of the core offerings of our business is to groom leaders to operate from an Assured State of mind that enables both personal growths as well as achievement of organisational goals. Our distinctive process and concept have enabled several success stories apart from helping CXO’s of organisations irrespective of the size to solve complex business issues, achieve business goals, and also build leadership pipeline which would drive productivity and performance.

When organisations deliver leadership training as the only offering without the same being aligned to the business goals or vision, the true value of executive coaching and creating human asset will be lost. In a dynamic environment coupled with growing challenges, it is often best to include leadership enablement to help leaders understand as well as bring necessary growth and change throughout the organisation.

We have a unique process of understanding the pain and problem areas of the customers and we provide strategic solutions to suit the specific needs of our customers”.

Our Process:

Our engagements begin with discovering your most critical challenge, then developing a solution that aligns goals with strategic initiatives. We will help you design a plan, set goals, measure and evaluate results, and follow up with reinforcement tools to sustain momentum.The process of creation of human asset whether leader or individual contributor begins with getting a bearing on where they are on the ‘2C’ & ‘4S’, 2C would mean a leader or an individual is either Consuming the organisation resources or Contributing to the organisation objectives and goals.

Where the leader or individual contributor is on the 2C dimension depends upon what is the inclination of the leader or individual contributor. The inclination can be predominantly in any of 4S of motivational factors –

  1. Survival
  2. Security
  3. Success
  4. Significance

If a leader or individual contributor’s inclination is predominantly towards Survival or Security then they become consumers and if the inclination is towards Success or Significance then they become contributors.

There are ways to move or sustain or retain leaders and workforce while they continue to contribute. This is possible through 3P’s –

  • Discover or rediscover their Purpose
  • Invigorated by Passion
  • Propelled by Perseverance

The process of moving Leaders and Individual contributor from Consumer to Contributor or sustain or retain them as contributors involves the approach of Tipping Point, which hinges on the insight that in any organization, once the beliefs and energies of a critical mass of people are engaged, conversion to a new idea will spread like a wild fire, as well as support in bringing an alignment to organisational goals/objectives, bringing about fundamental change very quickly. The approach suggests that such a movement can be unleashed only by agents who make unforgettable and unarguable calls for change, who concentrate their resources on what really matters, who mobilise the commitment of the organisation’s key players, and who succeed in silencing the most vocal naysayers. We are of the opinion that from our experience the Tipping Point is identified among the critical mass of people and is enabled to focus on organisational goals by igniting purpose, passion and perseverance.