Achieving Business Goals

In most organisations, business goals are set and the next thing that is expected is to accomplish them. However, between business goals and accomplishing business goals, are 6 steps. Going through these 6 steps helps the prime movers of the business goals in the organisation move towards Achieving business goals in a logical manner, removing hurdles and overcoming challenges on the way to the goal.

Accomplishing business goals is the primary aim of any business. The 6 logical steps that Assured State adopts are:

1) Expectation from key leaders – These are the people who make it happen. Assured State helps these key leaders to realise expectation gaps between their understanding of what the goals and roles are. This step generates clarity and willful commitment

2) Predictable or anticipatory pitfalls or roadblocks –  Here, key leaders get to understand what hinders or slows progress towards the goal

3) Identify problems or hurdles – Assured State would support key leaders understand the current dynamics and situation, to learn what the problems or hurdles to accomplish the goal are

4) Causes for problems or hurdles – Here causes for the problems or hurdles are unearthed

5) Solution – Assured State supports Key leaders derive solutions and action steps, after having understood the predictable or anticipatory pitfalls and identified problems or hurdles and their causes

6) Alignment to the expectation – The Key leaders’ orient and realign themselves to the expectations, addressing the execution gaps and ensuring the expectations set at the beginning are met

Achieving business goals are natural fall out when all the goal owners follow these 6 steps logically and methodically, with the required focus and energy.