Case Studies

Case Studies:

Over the years it has been a fascinating journey for Arjun Raj Urs, his inquiry, exploration and experience has led to elusive answers and key breakthroughs  around

How leaders are made?

1) Achieving Business goals through People:

Case study : The customer is not giving us bigger projects

Case study : Transforming to be among the 20 top performers in the bandwidth

2) Building Leadership Pipeline:

Case study : Managing Director Resolving conflict with the Technical Director

Case study : I am not an expert in this technology, how can I lead this team?

Case study: Building the leadership pipeline

3) Creating Human Asset :

Case study : A worry free manager

Case study : Employee of the year

Case study : I am a technical person. How can I spot opportunities and negotiate with my customer?


We are also open to sharing with your organization, more such breakthrough case studies. The insights from our work may provide you answers for some key challenges in the areas of leadership, human resources and achieving business goals through people.

  • Executive Coaching :

Case study : Becoming a leader who listens and understands

Case study : How to stop the exodus?