Customised Assignments

Assured state partners with organizations to meet organizational objectives through:

  1. Achieving Business goals through people:Accomplishing business goals is the primary aim of any business. There are the 6 steps that would logically and sequential enable key leaders in organization to accomplish business goals.  Read more
  2. Building Leadership pipeline : We support organizations to build leadership pipeline to build large number of leaders across organization who can influence and meet organizational objectives. Read More
  3.  Creating Human Asset: Creating assets is the key to organizational success and growth. Assured State partners with organizations to build assets who can make significant contribution to organizations. Assets are created when obstacles in the form of blocks in employees are eased out.  Read more

The employees can be segregated into 4 groups (as shown in the figure below) who will require coaching and developmental support. Arjun Raj Urs has conceptualized over the years and has been conducting various customized assignments using this instructional model HPL ( High Performance Leadership). The HPL model is a systematic approach to the instructional process, which provides us with a framework to ensure that the instructional products are effective, and its unique, as well as creative processes are highly efficient in enhancing work performance.

The Coach is of the opinion that by having to work on ones purpose, passion and perseverance one can shift belief, optimize resources, boost energy and overcome resistance to change.