E-Series Leadership Coaching

Why E-Series Leadership Coaching

It is vital for survival and growth that any organisation needs to build leadership pipeline and broaden the base of leaders across the organisation. Leaders who meet organisational objectives by having:

  • Common Leadership Language among leaders across organization
  • High degree of Focus and energy in all leaders
  • Human asset creation and sustenance model through
    • Energising
    • Motivating
    • Developing
    • Orienting
  • Assured leaders who can stand up and face the challenges during crisis or uncertain situation
  • Proactive leaders who follow a non-threatening, non-judgmental and non-critical way of interacting and establishing trust.

The whole effort of Assured State is to make an Assured Leader. An Assured Leader in an organisation is one who can overcome the following challenges:


We believe that this whole transformation is only possible when the intervention is a process rather than just a back to back two-day event called a workshop.

Our intervention, The E-Series Leadership Coaching, a unique and distinct framework, serves as a robust methodology in bringing about the transformation in leaders. Leaders who attend are left with a feeling that through a demonstrated model, they learnt about leadership which could be applied in real time Рreal world.