Executive Coaching

Need for Executive Coaching

You might have heard the expression “it is Lonely at the Top”.
It does not mean leaders at the top are not strong if they look for someone to lean on. It only means they need someone who can be a:

  • Sounding board to reinforce
  • Pulse checker to review
  • A mirror to reflect

All these are required as the 21st Century leader is constantly challenged by:

1. Opportunities – plenty of options to choose from
2. Uncertainties – May strike anytime putting everything out of gear

This apart, leaders at the top need to stay on course despite being pulled from all directions, by the demands and needs of the stakeholders, team members, clients and situations.

So it becomes essential for leaders at the top to:

  • Stay on course
  • Forge ahead
  • Choose new opportunities with prudence
  • Be assured when uncertainties prevail

These are part of the game and a leader needs to constantly juggle all three of them.
Our coach Arjun Raj Urs, Leadership coach and People Architect, has been coaching Leaders at the top to reflect, reinforce, revive and reveal what is essential to the well-being and success of a Leader. His coaching provides focus by following the architecture of executive coaching, on the:

  • Context that brings in clarity
  • Process that provides consistent and defined logical movement towards the mutually agreed goals and objectives
  • Outcome that is aimed to generate a mutually agreed outcome